At the Healing Voice Center we are experienced in treating a wide range of voice, breathing, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. 

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Voice Therapy

The Healing Voice Center specializes in providing personalized voice therapy services for children and adults. Led by experienced speech-language pathologist Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP, the center offers a comprehensive voice assessment to diagnose vocal issues and develop individualized treatment plans. 

Voice therapy will help each client build awareness of their vocal system, as well as teach vocal techniques to heal the voice, and gain better control of the voice.

Therapy may include laryngeal massage, vocal exercises, vocal strengthening exercises, and breathing and coordination techniques. The therapy is tailored to each clients specific needs.

Additionally, the center offers telehealth services and provides post-therapy support to help clients maintain their vocal health following the completion of therapy.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction Therapy

At the Healing Voice Center, we recognize the importance of proper breathing on both comfort and during exercise. Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP, focuses on personalized breathing therapy to address Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion. 

Vocal Cord Dysfunction can cause breathing challenges such as tight/constricted throat, noisy breathing, and difficulty breathing. Individuals who experience Vocal Cord Dysfunction can manage and improve their symptoms with therapy.

Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP will conduct an evaluation visit which includes a comprehensive history, Vocal Cord Dysfunction evaluation, educational component, and therapy technique instruction.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction varies in its presentation, triggers, and symptoms. The therapy is individualized based on findings from the evaluation. Don’t wait to start improving your breathing, contact Healing Voice Center today!

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Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

The Healing Voice Center provides compassionate and professional Gender Affirming Voice Therapy to help achieve voice goals. 

Led by experienced Speech-Language Pathologist Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP, the center offers tailored therapy sessions focusing on personalized treatment plans to meet specific vocal needs. 

Services include voice assessments, personalized treatment plans, gender affirming voice therapy sessions, telehealth services, and ongoing support.

The center prioritizes creating a supportive and empowering environment for clients throughout their voice therapy journey. With the convenience of telehealth services, we ensure accessibility from the comfort of your own space.

Swallowing Therapy

The Healing Voice Center offers swallow therapy services, also known as dysphagia therapy, aimed at improving swallowing function. Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP also conducts therapy for individuals who struggle with chronic cough and chronic throat clear.

Our approach involves evidence-based practices and personalized care, beginning with an evaluation of swallowing function to identify underlying issues. Individualized treatment plans are then developed, incorporating exercises and strategies to strengthen throat muscles and improve coordination.

The center emphasizes education and support throughout the therapy process, empowering clients to manage swallowing difficulties in daily life. Those interested are invited to schedule a consultation to start their journey towards safer and more comfortable swallowing.