Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

At the Healing Voice Center, we’re dedicated to providing compassionate and professional Gender Affirming Voice Therapy to support individuals on their journey toward vocal health and vocal alignment with their gender identity.

Our experienced Speech-Language Pathologist, Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP, offers tailored voice therapy to meet your unique needs, empowering you to express your true self.

Gender Affirming Voice Therapy Services

At the Healing Voice Center, we understand that every person’s voice journey is unique. Therefore, we tailor our Treatment Plans to address your specific voice goals and needs.

Whether you are seeking to feminize, masculinize, or align your voice with your identity, our collaborative approach ensures that your therapy experience reflects your personal journey.

image of pink and blue transgender colors with female, male, and transgender symbols

Voice Evaluation

Our Gender Affirming Voice Therapy journey begins with a comprehensive voice evaluation specifically designed for transgender and gender-diverse people. This evaluation covers an examination of your vocal history, your voice, and an educational discussion to help you better understand the vocal system.

At the evaluation appointment, we will assess breathing, resonance, prosody, pitch, and vocal quality, allowing us to establish a tailored treatment plan.

image of a woman cupping her mouth with pink sound waves

Personalized Treatment Plan

Following your assessment, we will collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan designed to address your specific voice goals and needs. Whether you’re seeking to feminize, masculinize, or align your voice with your gender identity, Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP, will work closely with you to create a plan for achieving your desired voice.

Nikki prioritizes your comfort and empowerment throughout the process, ensuring that our therapy approach reflects your unique journey.

Gender Affirming Voice Therapy Sessions

Our therapy sessions focus on implementing evidence-based techniques specifically tailored for transgender and gender-diverse individuals. We guide you through the process of developing a voice that feels authentic and comfortable to you.

Our sessions are conducted in a supportive and gender affirming environment where your voice goals are prioritized and celebrated.

Gender Affirming Telehealth Services

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and convenience, we offer telehealth services to ensure that you can access voice therapy from Maryland, DC, or Virginia.

Our virtual sessions allow you to receive voice therapy from the comfort of your own home.

Ongoing Support

At Healing Voice Center, our commitment to your journey extends beyond therapy sessions. We are happy to provide ongoing support and follow-up to ensure that you feel empowered and confident in your voice.

Whether you have questions, need additional guidance, or want to fine-tune your voice skills, our Speech-Language Pathologist is here to support you every step of the way, even after therapy concludes.

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