Swallowing Therapy

Speech-language pathologist Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP offers swallow therapy services to help individuals improve their swallowing function, and overcome chronic cough and chronic throat clear.

With a focus on evidence-based practice and personalized care, at the Healing Voice Center we provide clinical swallow evaluation and therapeutic interventions to address swallowing difficulties.

Swallow Therapy

Also known as dysphagia therapy, swallow therapy is a specialized form of therapy designed to help individuals who have difficulty swallowing (dysphagia). Dysphagia can occur for various reasons, including neurological diseases, structural issues, or because of general aging.

The goals of swallow therapy include improving swallowing function, reducing the risk of aspiration (when food or liquid enters the airway), improving the comfort of swallowing, and enhancing the overall quality of life related to eating and drinking.

At Healing Voice Center we also offer therapy for chronic cough and chronic throat clear. We teach exercises and guide you to help you stop coughing and clearing your throat.

 Swallow Evaluation

Our swallow therapy begins with an evaluation of your swallowing function. We assess the coordination and strength of your throat muscles, as well as the effectiveness of the swallowing process. Through detailed assessments, we identify any underlying issues contributing to swallowing difficulties and determine the most appropriate treatment options.

A portion of the evaluation is also spent educating you about your swallow and the anatomy and physiology of the swallow process.

cartoonish image of a woman holding her throat which is highlighted orange-red

Individualized Treatment Plans

Based on the results of your evaluation, we develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Nikki Emsellem Isaac, MA CCC-SLP utilizes a variety of techniques, including swallowing exercises and strategies, to target specific swallowing difficulties and strengthen throat muscles. We work closely with you to establish achievable goals and monitor your progress throughout the treatment process.

Swallowing Exercises and Rehabilitation

Our swallow therapy sessions include exercises designed to improve swallowing function and promote safe and efficient swallowing. These exercises may focus on strengthening throat muscles, improving coordination, or modifying swallowing techniques to improve swallow function.

Through regular practice and guidance from our skilled therapist, you can enhance your ability to swallow safely and comfortably.

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Education and Support

We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and support throughout their swallow therapy journey. Our therapist provides education on the swallowing process, as well as strategies for managing swallowing difficulties in daily life. We also offer ongoing support and guidance to help you navigate any challenges and achieve optimal swallowing function.

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